Erin L. Adams

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Graduate Student

I am a clinical psychology graduate student studying with Dr. Michelle Salyers. I received my B.S. in psychology from Hollins University in 2008, and my M.S. from IUPUI in 2013. I currently work as a research assistant for the Center for Health Policy in the IU Fairbanks School of Public Health. I am interested in the systems-level factors that impact the delivery of and access to mental health services. My current research interests focus on how stigma impacts service delivery and client recovery from mental illness, and how different professional disciplines define, research, and engage with the concept of stigma.

My quantitative thesis examined how self-stigma impacted how clients with schizophrenia engaged in their own recovery, and how this impacted their use of crises services. I also conducted a qualitative analysis exploring how stigma manifests during medical student training. I conducted a meta-analysis of the stigma mental health providers hold towards their own patients, and found a need to refine the measurement of stigma in social science and medical literature. I am expanding on that meta-analysis with my dissertation, which consists of two experimental studies designed to determine the impact of language on stigma measurement and reported stigma attitudes.

Student/Research Assistant