Kimberly Dreison, MS

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Graduate Student

Kimberly is currently a doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology Program at IUPUI. She earned her B.A. in Psychology at California State University Northridge and an M.S. in Clinical Psychology at IUPUI. As an undergraduate, Kimberly developed a strong foundation in psychology through advanced coursework, research assistantships, conference presentations, a teaching assistantship, and completing a senior honors thesis. As a master's student, Kimberly worked with Dr. Gary Bond and focused on the Individual Placement and Support model of supported employment for persons with severe mental illness. She served as a research assistant for a national study sponsored by the Social Security Administration and developed a measure to assess practitioner knowledge of supported employment. The results of her thesis were published in Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal, and the supported employment knowledge test has been used in training and mental health centers internationally. After graduating, Kimberly worked for several years as the programs director of a non-profit organization, during which time she strengthened her abilities in program evaluation, grant writing, communication, and leadership. Kimberly returned to graduate school in 2014 and is presently serving as a research assistant for the ACT Center. Her research interests include severe mental illness, evidence-based program implementation and evaluation, and the impact of job burnout in mental health providers.

Student/Research Assistant