Michael T. Sliter, Ph.D.

Mike Sliter photo
  • PhD     2012, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University
  • M.A.    2009, Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Bowling Green State University
  • B.A.    2007, Psychology, Hiram College
(1) Workplace Incivility I am broadly interested in the construct of workplace incivility—low level deviant behavior with an ambiguous intent to harm the target, including many types of behavior that are rude, discourteous, and in violation of workplace norms for mutual respect (Andersson & Pearson, 1999). Due to a variety of factors, the base rate of incivility in the workplace seems to have increased, resulting in a subsequent increase in the negative effects of the phenomenon. As such, it is important to understand this low-level deviant behavior, including its effects at both the individual and the organizational level, the characteristics of perpetrators and targets of incivility, and interventions for reducing incivility. Because incivility is a relatively new construct, there is still an abundance of research needed in order to develop of full understanding of its antecedents and consequences. (2) Emotions and Emotional Labor Another area of research in which I am interested is workplace emotions and emotional labor, particularly how they relate to the customer service experience. As mentioned above, I have previously examined emotional labor as an explanatory mechanism in the relationship between customer incivility and its outcomes, which I feel shows how my research interests complement one another. Another area of emotions that interests me is the area of coping, particularly examining humor as a coping mechanism. I have conducted research with firefighters, research that has shown how important humor can be in coping with traumatic stress. (3) Workplace fitness and exercise I am very interested in fitness and exercise in the workplace, particularly the impact of active workstations on employee physical and psychological health. Other: I also conduct research in any general area that interests me. Typically, I will encounter something in the real world, and it will interest me, leading to the development of a research question. I've conducted research on article title characteristics, mortality salience, and road rage, which, while not being in my core area, are all interesting to me.
Consultant/Affiliated Researcher