Sadaaki Fukui

Sadaaki Fukui
Associate Professor

Ph.D., Osaka City University

M.A., Osaka City University

M.S.W., University of Kansas


Sadaaki has been an Associate Professor at the Indiana University School of Social Work and the Director of Research at the Center for Social Health and Well-Being since 2017. Prior to his current position, he served as the Director of Research at the University of Kansas School of Social Welfare Center for Mental Health Research and Innovation (CMHRI). CMHRI led the state in design, testing, and evaluation of new mental health practice technologies that improve the lives of persons diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Sadaaki also served as a Co-director of Program Evaluation at the Center for Research Methods and Data Analysis where he provided grant writing assistance, program evaluation, and statistical consultation. Sadaaki received his Ph.D in social work (gerontology) from Osaka City University in 2005, and completed his postdoctoral training in social work (mental health) and quantitative psychology in the University of Kansas. Sadaaki’s primary research has focused on the best practices for people with serious mental illness, emphasizing recovery, shared decision-making, evidence-based practice development and implementation. Sadaaki has led a variety of research projects targeting professional care providers (evaluations on evidence-based practices), clients (service outcome studies, evaluations on peer-led support), and community stakeholders (community development). Sadaaki also has served as a health research methodologist, providing grant writing support and statistical consultation. Sadaaki’s research approach involves scale development and validation, experimental designs, longitudinal, cross-sectional, participatory action research, and secondary data analysis with quantitative and qualitative research methods.

Sadaaki is currently focused on designing, implementing, and testing client-centered supervision and shared decision-making methods to improve strengths-based and client-centered practices that promote community integration for people in need. His teaching interests includes program design, grant writing, program evaluation, research methods, and statistics.