Melanie Watkins Fischer, M.A., M.S.

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Graduate Student

I am 4th year graduate student in Michelle Salyers' lab. I am interested in psychiatric rehabilitation from both the patient and provider level. I received my undergraduate degree from University of Richmond in 2011, and then my Masters of Arts in Psychology from Boston University in 2014. I began my interest in severe mental illness after graduating college and working in an inpatient psychiatric facility conducting clinical drug trials on antipsychotics. While attending Boston University, I was co-mentored by Dr. Kim Mueser and Dr. Susan McGurk in the area of severe mental illness, as well as Dr. Michael Otto in the area of health psychology. An emerging area of interest of mine has been in physical health disparities for those with severe mental illness.

Fischer, M.W. Phelan, P., Vohs, JN. & Lysaker, PH. Metacognitive capacity and social functioning in schizophrenia (Resubmitted after revision at Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease)

Fischer, M.W., Salgado, E.F., Rand, K.L, Zapolski, T.C.B,. & Salyers, M.P. Emotional Labor and burnout over time in Mental Health providers. (In preparation to submit to Journal of Occupational Health Psychology).

Fischer, M.W., Johnson-Kwochka, A.V., Firmin, R.L., Sheehan, L.L., Corrigan, P.W., & Salyers, M.P. Patient, Client, Consumer, or Service User?: An empirical investigation into the impact of labels on stigmatizing attitudes (In preparation).

Yanos, P.T., Deluca, J. S., Salyers, M.P., Fischer, M. W., Song, J. ,& Caro, J. (In Press) Cross-Sectional and Prospective Correlates of Associative Stigma Among Mental Health Service Providers. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal.

Luther, L., Bonfils, K.A., Fischer, M.W., Johnson-Kwochka, A.V., & Salyers, M.P. (In Press). Metacognition moderates the relationship between self-reported and clinician-rated motivation in schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Research: Cognition.

Luther, L.L., Fischer, M.W., Firmin, R.L., & Salyers, M.P. (2018). Clarifying the relationship between motivation and negative symptom measures in schizophrenia research: A meta-analysis. Schizophrenia Research.

Student/Research Assistant