Illness Management and Recovery

Illness Management and Recovery (IMR) is a manual based treatment program designed for persons with severe mental illness (SMI) with the goal of helping them live life more independently. IMR was developed based on practices that show improved outcomes in medication adherence, decreased hospitalization rates, symptom reduction, and increased knowledge of mental illness (Mueser et al).

IMR consists of 10 modules entitled: Recovery Strategies, Practical Facts About Mental Illness, The Stress Vulnerability Model, Building Social Support, Using Medication Effectively, Drug and Alcohol Use, Reducing Relapses, Coping with Stress, Coping with Problems and Persistent Symptoms, and Getting Your Needs Met in the Mental Health System. Each module has 2 sections: Practitioner's Guidelines and Educational Handouts.

Implementing IMR in your agency

We have an IMR consultant/trainer meet with leadership prior to training to establish a plan for implementation. Then we provide a 2-day basic skills training for IMR clinicians, followed by consultation calls facilitated by the consultant/trainer. Once the practice has been underway for 6 to 9 months we recommend having a consultant/trainer assess fidelity to monitor program development and assist in trouble shooting obstacles or barriers. An implementation tool kit can be found on Samhsa's website.