Wellness Recovery Action Plan

Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) is a format for organizing wellness tools into action plans that would help you to get well, stay well, and choose in advance how you will respond to challenges you face in life. Wellness tools are those things that work for you to take good care of yourself and things you think would be helpful. You will use these tools to maintain wellness and move toward what you want out of life. The key components of WRAP include: Wellness Toolbox, Daily Maintenance Plan, Triggers and Action Plan, Early Warning Signs and Action Plan, When Things are Breaking Down and Action Plan, Crisis Planning, and Post-Crisis Planning.

“WRAP supports (without judgment) each individual’s discovery or recognition of those things that personal experience has shown to support his or her personal wellness. WRAP’s action plans aren’t someone else’s plan for the person nor a plan that has to be negotiated with a treatment team; they are simply the individual’s chosen vehicles for taking personal responsibility to get what he or she wants out of life – truly self determined, truly self-actualizing.” (Stephen Pocklington, Mental Health Recovery News Letter Volume 8.1)

For more information, please visit the Mary Ellen Copeland Mental Health Recovery & WRAP web site.